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Functional Tips On Bathroom Design In Seattle Remodeling Projects

August 3, 2017 at 4:35 pm | Category: Remodeling

common kitchen remodeling mistakesWhen it comes to the initial step in your Seattle bathroom remodeling project, the design step, you want to be sure to take into consideration what the bathroom will be used for. Your plans for a master bath will be much different than your plans for a guest bathroom or the children’s bathroom.

When you remodel the bathroom, you will be able to redesign an existing space to where it looks like a new one. You will be considering the existing elements of the bathroom, including where the fixtures and storage spaces are located. You may plan to remove or relocate existing walls and may have plans to resurface the floor, walls, or ceilings.

Whatever the case may be, there are some things you will need to be sure to include in the design plan. For a new space, you will be adding plumbing, electrical, fixtures, and possibly walls, floors, and ceilings and a roof. This means you will be making a whole lot of decisions, so the design should include all aspects of the project. Some of the key points in planning are:

  • Lighting
  • Air circulation
  • Age of users
  • Layout
  • Floor plan
  • Color and texture scheme
  • Space utilization

Bathroom Designs Should Include Lighting

A bathroom with natural light is always desirable, but there’s often no wall to install a window and a skylight is too expensive. Good lighting in the bathroom can create safety and ambiance. Your new bathroom can’t be appreciated or used if the lighting is poor. Sufficient lighting should be placed not only above vanities but also in darker areas such as above the shower, above the commode, or in storage closets.

When planning the lighting in your bathroom, you will be working with existing or new wiring. If there are existing light fixtures, you want to be sure they are sufficient and appropriate in brightness for the area being lit up.

Adding some reflective surfaces will brighten the bathroom. Consider installing mirrors, glass shower tile, glass backsplash tile, pictures with glass covers, and chrome fixtures. Use a glossier paint.
Don’t Forget About Ventilation For Your Bathroom Design Plans

Proper air circulation is critical in a bathroom. In fact, most code authorities will require either a ventilation system or window to be located in the space. Without good ventilation, the air in the bathroom will become too humid and will cause problems. In high humidity, mold and fungi can grow rampant. The more warmth and humidity there is, the more you risk your and your family’s health.

When Designing, Consider Who Will Use The Bathroom

In planning a remodel, the age of the individuals using the new bathroom space will be important. For instance, if the bathroom is primarily used by young children, you will want to have space to store some bath toys or you may want to be sure you install double vanities so that more than one person can use the sink at a time. The color theme choices and what type of fixtures you install may also be different for children vs. adults. If an elderly person will be using the bathroom, grab bars, non-slip flooring, and other safety features should be worked into the design.

Designs With More Space

When you plan how much space you will need for your new bathroom, it is wise to plan in a little extra if possible. Remember that families grow, times change, and your needs may change as well. Some bathrooms are so small you can barely use them. It may be possible to borrow space from the closet or hallway and rearrange the floor plan of the home. If so, the design will include moving walls.

The Design & The Budget

No matter the plan for your bathroom design, you must ensure that your budget and financing are worked out beforehand. This will affect your design right from the start. If you can carefully work out your design, you will have a very successful bathroom remodeling project. But without it, you are likely to run into issues that cause a lot of frustration.

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