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How to Choose a Seattle Builder For Your Home Addition

April 12, 2012 at 5:17 pm | Category: Home Addition

Home additions can add value to our home only if they are properly constructed. This is why it is very important that we only work with the best. In addition to that, there are several fraudsters today, who do not finish the job. They are just out to get our money and leave the project unfinished. To avoid dealing with problems like this, we have to choose our builders well.

First, your professional contractor should honor your budget. In order for that to be possible, you have to do your research. It is important that you know what materials to use, as well as how much they cost. Some builders will have an estimate of how much certain project costs. Discuss it with them first before you decide to work with them. It is very important that costs are discussed and fixed before starting the project to avoid unexpected expenses.

Here are some tips to help you find a good builder:

  1. Ask for recommendations from friends. If you know someone who has recently worked on a home improvement project, ask him about his builders. If he is happy with the services, he will surely recommend the builder to you.
  2. List the possible builders you will work with. You can ask from local builders associations or check the newspapers. Real estate agents may also know some reputable builders. Once you have a list, check their background and past performances. Learn more about their reputation by asking previous clients, or searching feedbacks online. You can also drive around neighborhoods and ask people around especially those who have new additions at home.
  3. It is best to hire a local builder because he is familiar with the building codes and state laws regarding home additions. Although you own the property, you will still need to adhere to the rules set by the state. Your builder will let you know if permits are necessary. They will also process its acquisition if needed. If your builder says that a permit is unnecessary, call your local building department and verify this.
  4. Talk to the builders and take note of their answers to your inquiries. It is important that you record their answers because it would be difficult remember all of them once you make a decision.
  5. See to it that you have ways to track progress. It is important that there is quality control. Check the track record of the builders in terms of the quality of work. You can also ask them about their quality control procedures. Builders who pay attention to quality should be able to provide you with straightforward answers. If they can show you some of their past works, examine them carefully.

Finding the right professional additions builder is very important in the completion of your project. If you want to have good results, it is vital that you find someone who is competent to do the job. See to it that he sticks to the budget, does the job well and ensures the quality of his work.

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