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Wood balusters are available in many shapes and sizes. Some popular ones have a square top and bottom with a spindle-shaped middle. The middle section may have small cut-outs at the top or bottom giving it a more appealing look. Some Seattle interior balusters are tapered at the top and others have intricate patters carved into them. Spiral grooves are a very attractive variation that makes a Victorian type accent to the hand railing.

Try Iron Cast Balusters For A Unique Look

One way to go that can be quite beautiful and unique is to use iron balusters as a design complement to the wooden handrail. Iron balusters complement very dark or light wood stains equally well and can look quite classy and beautiful in any Seattle home. Iron balusters are great for outdoor staircases and decks because they last really long even in extreme weather-as opposed to wood hand railings that can crack or split when used outdoors. Make sure you go for quality balusters that will not crack under pressure and are made with good quality iron or a mix of steel and iron.

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