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Bathroom Vanities For Your Seattle Style Remodeling Project

When you are looking for a remodeling expert, you'll want to reach us here at Seattle Style Remodel. Bathroom remodeling is just one of the services we provide for our customers here in the Seattle, WA and surrounding areas.

When you design and plan a bathroom remodeling project, you will make choices about your new vanity. The vanity is the cabinetry that the bathroom sink sits on and includes the sink.

In older times and before running water was introduced into the home, a wash bowl was set on top of a counter or piece of furniture of some kind. People used the wash bowl to wash their face and hands, and for other cleanliness habits.

Of course today, the wash bowl is now the sink and the piece of furniture is most often a piece of cabinetry that is directly affixed to the wall or sometimes a stand alone piece of furniture. Either way, the sink is added to the top of the stand and thus forms the Seattle vanity.

When you are planning your bathroom, you will be deciding upon a number of things such as what materials to use and what fixtures you want.

The vanity in a bathroom is a fixture. There are a range of sizes and styles you can choose from as well. But most important in choosing your vanity is determining how many people will be using it. If more than one person regularly uses this bathroom, you will probably want to install a double vanity.

In some modern variants of vanities, the cabinet may not resemble a cabinet at all. The vanity could just be a sink attached to a wall or a sink that sits on a pedestal stand.

In larger bathrooms, the vanity can include some storage space as well. You'll need to figure out things like, where will you store toothbrushes and toiletries, medications, towels, blow dryers, and all the other things your family may need to get ready to face the world in the morning.

Whatever your taste profile is, whether it's sophisticated or relaxed, we can help you install a gorgeous new vanity for your new bathroom.

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