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Bathroom Tiles Flooring Installation Services - Seattle Style

Sometimes, all you need is a little paint and a new floor to update an old bathroom.

Tile is a very popular choice for Seattle bathroom flooring. It can be installed on any wall, ceiling, or floor and is resistant to water or humidity, perfect for the moisture ridden air found in the bathroom.

Flooring materials can consist of many materials, but generally speaking with floor tile you will find choices between:

  • Natural Stone - granite, marble, terrazo, travertine, slate, limestone, etc.

  • Vinyl – wide variety of colors and finishes, clean with ease

  • Laminate – includes engineered hardwoods

  • Solid Wood – hardwoods such as oaks, pine, cherry, bamboo

  • Cork – made from tree bark

Tiles are a great way to give your floor a look of sophistication while keeping the installation easy and affordable. Tiles are less expensive than whole planks and are easy to lay down since they are formed into squares.

But no matter your desire on floor tiles, your new bathroom space will take plenty of planning. Our design team at Seattle Style Remodel can assist you in planning for the bathroom remodeling project. But once the design is laid down, the project will begin and you will have little time for thinking things through or planning.

That's why it's important for you to know what you want before you make final decisions and have a plan in place to get it. Your new bathroom floor will be one of the first things you consider when planning.

The floor can be the majority of the remodeling expense in some projects. How much of the budget you spend on flooring will be affected by your overall plan. If your budget for new flooring is small, you may consider options in materials that are both durable and affordable in your flooring design.

Vinyl and laminates are the best choice when working with a smaller floor budget. In a small bathroom, the flooring costs can be minimal, which may actually work out to an advantage, allowing you to spend a little more on better materials such as a nice slate or marble.

Whatever your taste, sophisticated or cozy and comfortable, we can help you design and install a beautiful new floor for your bathroom remodeling project.

Seattle Style Remodel is a well-known general contractor. We have been the number one contractor to call for bathroom tile installation services in our area.

New flooring for your bathroom is a great way to increase the beauty and value of your home. New floors help to bring your space up to date and will make your bathroom exude some style.

If you are ready to create a new space using bathroom tiles, you have no further to look. Our contractors are ready and able to handle your new bathroom tile project. We are a licensed and bonded contracting company servicing the Seattle, WA and surrounding areas.

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