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Bathroom Design Services - Seattle Style

Seattle Style Remodel is a well-known general contractor. We have been the number one contractor to call for Seattle bathroom design services in our area. With a team of ready design consultants, we can have your new bathroom looking like a million dollars.

There are many options you will make when you design your new bathroom space. The flooring, walls, fixtures, cabinetry, storage space, and ceiling will all need to be planned out.

New flooring for your bathroom design is a great way to increase the beauty and value of your home. New floors help to bring your space up to date and will make your bathroom exude some style. Your flooring and wall options are relatively unlimited!

Tile is one of the most popular choices in bathrooms, simply because it is very durable and humidity resistant. Tile can go on any wall including ceilings.

You want to make sure that whatever materials you choose will be able to resist moisture. Smooth surfaces like tile, glass, metals, and coated or sealed woods offer the most resistance to humidity damage.

Vanities, commodes, bathtubs, showers, and sinks are all fixtures that you will need to make choices over. In your design plans, you will be choosing colors, shapes, and function of fixtures.

At Seatle Style Remodel, we can help you to have the bathroom you want. The first step will be to design your new bathroom space.

The outcome of your bathroom remodeling project will depend upon how well you designed and planned the project. Our team of design experts understand the remodeling process from beginning to end.

We bring our expertise to every consultation with you, giving our years of experience to ensure that you have a well-planned design that will lead to the success of your bathroom design and build project.

Before we begin with your new design, there are several things you can do to prepare.

  • Gather pictures of designs you like from various sources such as magazines or online

  • Sort them by colors you like and textures or materials you like, differentiating what drew you to the picture (for instance, “floor materials I like)

  • Gather a favorite item or two already existing in your home and be ready to describe what about it you find interesting or likable. The item can be anything at all that inspires or moves you in some way.

  • Get together a planning notebook or filing system to be ready to start using

You can also take a look at our project gallery on this website to see a sampling of some of the projects we have completed in the past. Be sure to check the website for specials and coupons, we often run design specials such as “Three Free Hours of Interior Design”. When you are ready, give our design team a call to set up your consultation!


Seattle Style Remodel & Landscaping, Inc. is a Certified General Contractor

If you need bathroom design services for your remodeling project, please call Seattle Style Remodel at 425-444-2638 or complete our online request form.